Judo/BJJ for Kids

Our Judo/BJJ classes, capture and develop natural ‘play fighting’ tendencies and develop them in a sporting direction.

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Why Choose Judo/BJJ for Kids?

Based on the well known martial arts of Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jistu, these classes develop natural ‘play fighting’ in a sporting direction. Suitable for all levels of ability, consisting of warm-ups, instruction, drills and live sparring (grappling) – and through being thrown on the mat in a safe, fun environment, students learn that they will not always win.

They’ll develop the mental determination and toughness to get back up and keep fighting – which are valuable skills for anyone – and prepare them for the challenges that life will undoubtedly throw at them!

In addition to delivering valuable life lessons in a fun, safe environment, our classes provide a wealth of other benefits for children too, including:

  • Improved fitness, strength and agility
  • Increased stamina, better balance and awareness
  • Improved self-confidence, discipline and respect for others

There are 6 belts to progress through before reaching the highest level – the black belt – and working through these grades covers a full syllabus of judo training, while providing achievable goals.

Judo/BJJ for Kids Class Times

17.45-18.45 - 6-14 years

Why train at SDSMA?
All of our instructors are current or former champions with years of professional teaching experience – so whether you’re a complete beginner or a lapsed former Judo student you’ll be in safe hands at SDSMA.