Karate at SD School of Martial Arts

Karate is well known in the Martial Arts World as a long-established discipline with its roots in ancient Chinese Martial Arts, and more recently from Japan and the Island of Okinawa.  Karate was taken to Korea and went on to develop into Taekwondo and many other styles that are practised worldwide.

SD School of Martial Arts practices a Korean style of Karate called Chundo Kwon, which means Blue Wave.   

Founded by sole owner Sensei Sean Doyland, SDSMA has epitomised   Martial Arts excellence in Essex for nearly 2 decades and has produced many fine Black Belts that have gone on to win regional, national and international titles.

Sensei Sean Doyland has himself been multiple British Champions, and European Champions and represented England at the World level many times.  Using that experience and knowledge he went on to train Karate Ka’s who have themselves gone on to be selected for the England squad and be Champions and National and World level.

Karate classes run 7 days a week at SDSMA for all ages and experience, from our 3 to 5-year-old ‘Little Dragons’, through the beginner’s Karate from aged 6 upwards (there is no upper limit!) to advanced classes and dedicated Kata and Kumite classes.

Sensei Sean and his team of experienced Instructors are also available for private one-to-one lessons, just ask at reception for details or use our online inquiry form below…


How does it work?

Contact our team to first learn more about the classes available and suitable for you.

Then come along to your first session.

You will be shown around the Dojo and introduced to the professional trainers.

There is no charge for the first session.

Beyond the trial period, we require you to sign up as a member. This is for insurance purposes.

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