energyze powerlifting club

The gym at SD School of Martial Arts

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As well as the extensive Martial Arts program that SDSMA runs the centre also hosts a well appointed gym and weight lifting areas.  

With this focus on increasing core strength for all our Martial Artists it was only natural that a Powerlifting Club evolved with the arrival of some very experienced and highly decorated Powerlifters.  

The Energyze Powerlifting Club is a great mix of experienced world champion and novice lifters who meet 3 times a week as a club but generally train 7 days a week.  Powerlifting is very addictive !

The bright star of Energyze Powerlifting Club is Gracie Besant aged 15!! (pictured above) whose current accolades include:

1st in Great Britain for bench press,
2nd in Great Britain for 3 lift comp,
2nd in the world for bench press,
holds 5 English records and 7 East Midlands records

Other club members who actively compete at National and World standards are Judith, Daniel and Amy who are also current title holders and multiple record holders.  So as you can see we produce powerful and technically gifted lifters!


How does it work?

Contact our team to first learn more about the classes available and suitable for you.

Then come along to your first session.

You will be shown around the Dojo and introduced to the professional trainers.

There is no charge for the first session.

Beyond the trial period, we require you to sign up as a member. This is for insurance purposes.

Are you ready to get started?