Mixed Martial Arts at SD School of Martial Arts

Simon Crazy Horse is our resident grappling and self-defence expert with over 30 years experience in the fitness and Martial Arts industry.

He specialises in all floor fighting aspects of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts or MMA as its commonly known.

Crazy’s style is built on 25 years of Martial Arts experience and his training with the Black Cobra MMA Club in Beirut, Lebanon, where he learnt the hard way how to combine grappling, floor wrestling and self defence techniques taken from the Kital Self Defence system.

Since joining the SD Team Crazy has taken ownership of the White Collar MMA program and with Lewis Doyland coaches all the fighters in preparation for their appearances in ‘The Cage’ in the name of charity.  Crazy ia also coach for the SD BJJ Squad preparing our grapplers for regional and National competitions.

Crazy teaches every day at SDSMA and is also available for private sessions.


How does it work?

Contact our team to first learn more about the classes available and suitable for you.

Then come along to your first session.

You will be shown around the Dojo and introduced to the professional trainers.

There is no charge for the first session.

Beyond the trial period, we require you to sign up as a member. This is for insurance purposes.

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