To book your place – or places – online just select the Day Camp you’d like to attend and pay for it via PayPal – we’ll email you a booking form by return which we’d ask you to complete and return as least 7 days before the Day Camp.

If you’d prefer to book by telephone, please give us a call on 01206 860008.


Please click on the + sign below to read our General Terms and Conditions.

By signing the Colchester Kids Camps Holiday Activity Booking Form you agree to comply with all the Terms and Conditions set out below: If you have entered any information in the Medical History section, it is your responsibility to inform the Staff on arrival to the activity. Medication such as asthma pumps and insulin can be left with a member of staff and a letter of instruction of procedures is required from a parent/guardian.

Staff will not administer medication of any kind (including Epi-Pens) Children must not attend if they feel unwell, are running a temperature or have strains or fractures etc. As a provider of child day activities, it is our responsibility to contact the Child Protection Unit, if we have concerns for any child’s well-being. Colchester Kids Camps reserves the right to refuse an application if your child or other children’s safety or well-being is at risk.

All bookings are non transferable/refundable. Colchester Kids Camps reserves the right to amend/cancel the programme where this is found to be necessary. All physical movement involves risk of injury. Colchester Kids Camps and its staff cannot be held responsible for any accidental injury, or loss or damage to personal belongings.

Parents/guardians will be contacted and asked to come and collect any child if taken ill within the day. Colchester Kids Camps are for children aged 6-12 years.

Clothing All participants are expected to wear appropriate clothing for the activity: T-Shirt/sweatshirt, tracksuit bottoms, shorts or leggings are recommended. The children will complete the activities bare foot.

All jewellery and watches must be removed. Shoulder length hair should be tied up. NO JEANS, SKIRTS OR DRESSES.

Signing In for Colchester Kids Camps: Registration is at 9am. No admittance is allowed prior to this time. Parents/guardians are required to write the following in the register: -Medical information – Emergency contact telephone number where the parent/guardian can be contacted that day.

If another adult is collecting a child then a letter will need to be submitted during ‘sign in’. The person collecting will need to produce some identification, such as driving licence or passport and must be over 16 years old. Please inform staff when signing in.

If the child requires medication a form needs to be filled in giving details of administration. Registration must be completed by 9.30am. Please inform in advance of any late arrivals. Signing in is done in reception.
Food for Kids Camps: A lunch will be provided, but please supply your child with any extra drinks/snacks if you feel he/she will require it.

Snacks: Cereal bar/biscuits/fruit and water. Lunch: Sandwich, crisps, fruit and a yogurt with still orange or blackcurrant squash.

Dietary Requirements and Preparing Food and Drink: If children have any dietary requirements we will do our best to accommodate them. However parents are welcome to give their children additional snacks or a different packed lunch if they wish. Please inform staff on arrival. Please note we are not able to provide refrigeration for food. We advise that you use an insulated container with a frozen pack or have non perishable food items such as pre-packed food. Please check with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure storage times are sufficient. Lunch is approximately 12pm.

Signing Out: Kids Camps 3pm. Children must be signed out by their collecting adult, recording the time of departure. Any medication will also need signing out.

Please respect our session times and collect your children promptly or a fee will be charged.

Please download and complete a copy of the Colchester Kids Camps Booking Form – we’ll need a completed copy of the form for every child attending one of our activities returned to us at least 7 days prior to the activity.