SD-Para Amateur Boxing Club in Colchester

SD-Para Amateur Boxing Club - boxing training in ColchesterSD_Para Amateur Boxing Club provide boxing classes that are popular with men and women of all ages and abilities for a number of reasons; they’re very sociable and exciting classes, they provide a fantastic whole body workout and most importantly – our boxing training classes get results!

So if you’re interested in:

  • Losing weight
  • Building strength
  • Toning your body
  • Improved co-ordination
  • Increased confidence

Join one of our boxing training classes – for fast results!

SD-PARA Amateur Boxing Club at SDSMA combines highly qualified Parachute Regiment boxing instructors with the boxing gym facilities at multi-award winning SDSMA’s fitness training centre to create exciting and effective boxing classes.

Boxing is all about technique – and our instructors are here to help you learn the right techniques in a safe and fun environment.

Whether you’re interested in boxing training for its unrivalled fitness benefits or as a competitive sport – our boxing classes deliver! Our instructors will teach you the right techniques, making sure that you train at a pace that suits you, while delivering the results you want.

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