Kung Fu

Kung Fu training includes sparring, stick fighting, broad swords, butterfly knives, tonfa and staffs.

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Why Choose Kung Fu?

Originating in China, Kung Fu was developed to assist with hunting and protection and it represents a highly varied system of martial arts.

Primarily a striking style of martial arts, it uses kicks, blocks and open and closed hand strikes – and also includes sparring and the use of weapons such as sticks, broad swords, butterfly knives, tonfa and staffs – all designed to defend against attackers.

Our Phoenix Freestyle Kung Fu classes are high energy fitness, self defence and weapons training classes designed to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

Freestyle Kung Fu lessons provide a wide range of fitness and well-being benefits, including increased…

  • Fitness and flexibility
  • Co-ordinationl
  • Confidence and self-discipline

There are 8 belts to progress through before attempting the coveted black belt. These grades cover a full syllabus of Kung Fu training which teach the blocks, stances, strikes and self-defence that Kung Fu is renowned for.

Why train at SDSMA?
All of our instructors are current or former champions with years of professional teaching experience – so whether you’re a complete beginner or a lapsed former Kung Fu student you’ll be in safe hands at SDSMA.

Kung Fu Class Times

20.00-21.00 - SD Phoenix Freestyle - 14 years +

20.30-21.30 - SD Phoenix Freestyle - 14 years +

09.30-10.30 - SD Phoenix Freestyle - 14 years +